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FoTO logoFriends of Tanzanian Orphans

Promoting Children's Health & Education in Olasiti Village

Photo by Gloria Upchurch
Network for Good

Scholarships have opened new doors to a better future.  For $40 a year, you can sponsor a child's school uniform and supplies in primary school.   $250 pays for a year of secondary school, trade school, a secretarial course, or a tailoring course.

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orphans harvest
The orphans' community garden provides food and work for those without land.  The flock of chickens is growing, providing much-needed protein.

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100% volunteer Friends of Tanzanian Orphans, in support of the Olasiti Orphan Center,
a project of the Dorobo Fund for Tanzania, 501c3 nonprofit
registered in the USA,
local implementation by the Ujamaa Community Resource Trust, community based organization registered in Tanzania